To Heaven Through Hell

A Book About Challenging and Changing Destructive Religious Beliefs

To Heaven Through Hell


To Heaven Through Hell is about solving problems in all major areas of life, but the most important problem addressed in the book is destructive religious beliefs that keep us from becoming effective problem solvers.  Our religion is what we believe about life and death and how we behave because of those beliefs.  Unfortunately, many of us have been programmed by an organized religion to believe and behave in ways that often don’t make sense and are even harmful to ourselves and others.  As we grow up and begin to think for ourselves, we try to look at our “inherited” religion with an open mind, to challenge and change some of these irrational beliefs and behaviors,  but the vast majority of us can’t.  Fear of punishment in this life or another keeps holding us back. 

I’m Sue Wilson, author of  To Heaven Through Hell, A Book About Challenging and Changing Destructive Religious Beliefs.  The book outlines my own struggle to quell my fear and examine my religion objectively, and what I conclude after extensive research and a series of paranormal or sixth sense experiences.   These out-of-the-ordinary events include a near death experience, the appearance of my father’s ghost, and awareness of past lives through regression.   By becoming open to my sixth sense, or intuition, a personality dimension we all have, I’m able to  find sensible answers to my questions about life and death and a whole new set of problem-solving resources as well.   The new belief system I acquire throughout my journey is a combination of good ideas from all major religions and philosophies… a Universal Perspective on life and death.  The same principle can be applied to solving any and all problems. 

On this website, the section To Heaven Through Hell contains information about the book itself.  

In Universal Perspective, a multi-media self-help “workbook”,  you’ll find resources that will help you move from trapped to free to think for yourself and solve problems using all your senses… the five traditional ones, the controversial sixth, and a seventh sense we often overlook in our desperate search for answers…common sense!  

Information about me and my activities that relate to the book can be found in the section, Sue Wilson.

Rainbow Sue  illustrates three important things from this website…the role creativity plays in well-being, the importance of recycling, and the steps to building a business and becoming self-sufficient.

There’s a lot of good supporting material on this website and I hope you’ll look through it, but I’d especially like to invite you to read the excerpt “My Father’s Ghost: Messages and Predictions“.  It’s an example of  an incredible sixth sense experience in the book, perhaps the most significant one,  followed by comments from experts on what it might mean.   For me, it was indisputable truth that there is no such place as hell after we die.  It allowed me to lose my fear of dying and get on with the wonderful business of living.   Also, please read some of the Reviews and see what readers are saying, to decide if this book can help you or someone you care about find the happy, peaceful, productive life possible for all of us.

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