To Heaven Through Hell

A Book About Challenging and Changing Destructive Religious Beliefs

To Heaven Through Hell


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Subtitle: A Book About Challenging and Changing Destructive Religious Beliefs
Author: Sue Wilson
Publisher: Universal Perspective
Address: P.O. Box 123
Willow Springs, Missouri 65793
Telephone: 417-252-7477
ISBN: 0-9702867-0-8
LCCN: 00-134424
Copyright: 2000 by Universal Perspective
Size: 6×9
Pages: 334
Retail: $17.00 U.S.

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Have you stifled perplexing questions about your religion, afraid you’ll be rejected by loved ones and punished by God in this life or another if you speak up?

Or, have you rejected the idea of God altogether, creating a void in your life that science alone cannot fill?

Learn the truth about the storehouse of love and power within each of us: the unbreakable tie that exists between you and a loving Creator. Free yourself to become the happy, peaceful, productive person you were meant to be with this personal, powerful, self-help book.

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Topics Addressed

  • How we acquire destructive beliefs
  • Codependency; the direct result
  • Compulsive/Addictive behaviors we use to escape
  • Religious addiction; why it’s so difficult to detect and overcome
  • Catalysts that can lead to change
  • Taking responsibility for our own well-being
  • Finding or creating valuable support systems
  • Destructive beliefs in major world religions
  • Spirituality… The Missing Link???
  • Paranormal Experiences … past, present and future
  • Giving ourselves permission to choose healthy beliefs
  • The Problem Solving Process: the key to self-confidence, self-development and good relationships
  • Persistence and Patience: essential elements
  • Using our unique talents to improve the world

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Table of Contents




Chapter   1    Wrong  Side of the Tracks

Chapter  2    A New Danger…The God of Fundamental Christianity

Chapter  3    Death of a Spirit

Chapter  4    One Dark Blot

Chapter  5    Africa, Mission Work, and Motherhood

Chapter  6    Hole in the Dike

Chapter  7    Help!

Chapter  8    Breast Cancer; Indescribable Fear of Death

Chapter  9    Break Through

Chapter 10  The Church’s Rejection

Chapter 11   Bittersweet

Chapter 12   Divorced and Unstable

Chapter 13   The Pendulum Swing; Primary Relationship with an Atheist

Chapter 14   Trip to the Bottom

Chapter 15   New Age Christianity; New Wine in an Old Wine Skin?

Chapter 16   My Father’s Ghost; Messages and Predictions             

Chapter 17  ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics); Understanding More About

                            Codependency and Addiction

Chapter 18  Who Can “Teach the Children”?   

Chapter 19  Return to the Scene of the Crime                  

Chapter 20  Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Chapter 21   Is This the Man?

Chapter 22   “I Think I Knew You in Another Life.”

Chapter 23    A Palace in India Long Ago?

Chapter 24   The Lotus

Chapter 25    The Buddha and The Christ Reincarnated???                   

Chapter 26    Rainbows Bears and Butterflies; Symbols of Recovery


Chapter 27    More  Signs?

Chapter 28    The Little Blue Socks

Chapter 29    Custody Trial From Hell

Chapter 30    Who is Seven?

Chapter 31    Putting the Past in Perspective…From This Life or Any Other One

Chapter 32    Return of the Ghost

Chapter 33    Happily Ever After




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 From Chapter 16

My Father’s Ghost; Messages and Predictions

“An incident that followed shortly after these notes is difficult to describe and you may find it hard to believe. But it was as real as anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. It was a few hours before a counseling appointment with Beth. I still couldn’t afford regular sessions, but as we had agreed, I went to see her occasionally when I felt overwhelmed.

 That morning I was analyzing my relationships with Kevin and Chris. I’d lost so much when they ended and caused my children to suffer with me. I was blaming myself because I’d been unable to maintain a relationship with a minister or an atheist. I was filled with despair…afraid I’d never stop making the same mistakes. Though we’d touched on behavior patterns I’d developed because of childhood and religious conditioning, I hadn’t had enough counseling to change substantially. It was irrational as Maslow tells us, but I felt helpless like I did as a child, when I didn’t know how to handle the problems in my life. I saw it all happening again to my children and me. I was writing down my thoughts as they came, trying to pinpoint exactly what was bothering me before I went to my nine o’clock counseling session…stopping and starting kitchen chores as I did so.

 About six o’clock I was washing some dishes in the sink, still struggling with grief and confusion, begging God to help me understand. Suddenly the back porch (visible through the kitchen window above the sink) began to fill up with clouds. Pink light colored the tops because the sun was coming up behind them. I thought to myself, this is God again…like the presence I felt in the hospital. Lighted clouds continued to fill the porch and the kitchen wall disappeared. However, instead of God’s presence as I’d experienced it before, right in the middle of those clouds was the full figure of my father! As I mentioned earlier, the police kept him away from my home by the time I was three and I never saw him again before he died in 1971, but I knew it was him from vague memories and a few photographs I’d seen. He was wearing a grey suit and appeared to be the age he would have been when he went out of my life, with dark hair and a mustache. He looked fully whole and well…very peaceful and calm.

 He began to talk to me. He said, “Susie (a name only some members of my immediate family call me), don’t cry. What’s happened to you is not your fault. It’s mine. When I was your father, I didn’t give you the love you needed to grow into a confident, whole person. And you’ve been looking for me ever since. For a father…someone to give you what I didn’t, so you’d feel okay…complete. That’s why your relationships haven’t worked so far.”

He talked about his death. “When I died I went to God immediately. As soon as I was with God, I knew what love was. It hurt so badly as I became aware of all the pain I had caused on the earth. But I couldn’t help myself there because I was sick.”

“I want you to know that I love you and have been watching you all these years. You have many talents. Don’t waste them the way I wasted mine. You’re going to go on and become a whole person. You have both a loving mother and father in you. You’re complete and perfect. Complete love lies within you. And you’re going to meet a man you’ll have a good relationship with because you’re not going to be looking for a father anymore. You’ll find a man who is complete like yourself.”

 He asked me to tell my mother how proud he was of her for her strength in raising us alone. He also asked me to tell my brothers and sisters how much he loved them. He said I could talk to him again if I needed to.

I was crying so hard, I went into my bedroom and closed the door. I didn’t want to wake the boys up. It was dark in the room and as I leaned against the wall, overcome by emotion, his face appeared within a light, reassuring me. Then he was gone.

This was six in the morning! I was fully awake. It wasn’t a dream like you have when you’re sleeping.

I wrote my mother immediately and told her what had happened. When I talked with her on the phone later she said, “Susie, I hope you didn’t tell anyone about this. People will think you’re crazy.” I assured her I wasn’t concerned and that I’d already told my counselor and I was going to tell everyone in my book.

 The implications of the vision were many. Beth said the experience was the most critical part of becoming whole…to realize we are okay and of value no matter how others are unable to show us love, especially our parents. She said she wished she had taped our session.

 After this encounter with my father, I felt fully reassured there is no place called “hell” after death. My father was with God. As I remarked jokingly to my mother, “If anyone should have gone to hell if there is such a place, it was my father.” What he had experienced in death was an awareness of everything he’d done on the earth. He was sad because of it, but he was with God in spite of it, fully immersed in love and understanding as we’ll all be when we die.

This encounter with my father’s ghost, along with my experience in the hospital and the voice I had heard made me more determined than ever to share what I’d discovered with people who believed in a future hell and lived their lives in fear of God and dying and making mistakes as I’d done for so long.   (Chapter 16, Pages 139 – 141)


Do some people really go to heaven and others to hell when they die? I think not. After the voice, then my father’s ghost, I believed without a doubt that all people go to God when they die, regardless of what the Bible or any church teaches. Where we go is neither heaven nor hell. It’s a return to eternal life that has no beginning and no end. Our conscious minds can perceive only this lifetime (people and things in the physical realm now), but our subconscious or deeper, spiritual self can catch glimpses of this eternal realm through paranormal experiences. Even though I had read neither of the following books at the time of these experiences, they name and explain them and offer support as to their authenticity.

In the book You Are Psychic, which I mentioned in Chapter 11, Pete Sanders says our sixth sense, through which we receive valuable insight from the invisible realm inside and outside of ourselves, really has four facets: hearing voices with an inner ear, seeing visions with a third eye, or place from within our minds, intuitive feeling within our stomach area (sometimes called “gut feeling”), and instantaneous knowing when knowledge seems to just pop into our heads.34 In the case of a voice within our minds, sometimes it’s simply self-talk as illustrated in numerous examples in the story. But when we hear a word, phrase, sentence, or even a whole speech in a voice different than our own when we’re talking to ourselves, that kind of phenomena would be classified as a psychic experience using our sixth sense.

In 1995, seven years after I saw my father’s ghost, Bill and Judy Guggenheim published a whole book of first-hand accounts involving ADC’s or After Death Communications in their book called Hello From Heaven. In every case, regardless of the deeds or misdeeds of those who had died, they were reunited with God in a positive place, or at least a place of ongoing education, rather than any kind of eternal punishment. Their book does not deal with dead people who committed “malicious crimes or atrocities”, but suggests that people who commit suicide and serious crimes may have a waiting period before they are admitted to the highest level of eternal existence.

 Though Hello From Heaven doesn’t discuss it, reincarnation may be a very real option for those who want to make amends for serious crimes in past lives. I’ll share some experiences later that support the existence of reincarnation (not the idea that we come back as animals, but a more likely probability that we return as new people) and some books that go into greater detail. Hello From Heaven, Life After Life, this book, and the ones still to come on reincarnation, all give overwhelming evidence that death is nothing to be feared, regardless of who we are or what our history is. This does not give us license to go out and commit serious crimes or kill ourselves. There are grave consequences to ourselves and others for these things in this lifetime, that we want to avoid if at all possible. Rather, believing in a loving creator and a positive place of existence after we die, can help us to relax about death and get on with the business of living.

The Guggenheims have named and given examples in their book of thirteen forms of ADC’s.35 I’ll list them here for your information and also for reference when I share several more paranormal experiences in my story that relate to this type of phenomenon: sensing a presence, hearing a voice, feeling a touch, smelling a fragrance, partial appearances, full appearances, glimpses of beyond, encounters during the alpha-state, appearances during sleep, out-of-body experiences, telephone contacts, unexplainable movement of objects, and symbolic appearances through rainbows and butterflies.

 You may not need your own personal, paranormal experience to prove to you that life after death will be a positive experience. Reading the accounts of others may be enough. Or, you may have had psychic experiences or ADC’s and minimized them because they were not as involved as the voice I recorded, or as dramatic as the appearance of a fully visible, talking ghost like my father’s. We’ll discuss paranormal experiences further when we come to them in the story. Meanwhile, back in the real world….”    (Chapter 16, Pages 144 – 145)

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