Sue Wilson

Writer, Teacher, Toastmaster, World Traveler, Musician, Artist

Sue Wilson, Author


 Though many topics and ideas in her book are suitable for workshops as well as speeches and radio or television interviews, the best material for workshops can be found  in the multimedia self help “workbook” under Universal Perspective…instruction and activities related to breaking free from closed belief systems and becoming successful problem solvers.   Workshops can range from a couple of hours to a week-end, and cover all three sections of Universal Perspective or just one aspect of a section such as learning and practicing the problem solving process in Breaking Free. To schedule a workshop with Sue please send an e-mail to or call 417-252-7477.   

In the photo below Sue is reading from To Heaven Through Hell at a writers workshop in British Columbia, May 2007

(Photo by Floyd Dokkie)

Sue Wilson reading from "To Heaven Through Hell"

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