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Sue Wilson

Writer, Teacher, Toastmaster, World Traveler, Musician, Artist

Sue Wilson, Author


Sue Wilson is available for radio interviews on a wide range of topics addressed in To Heaven Through Hell A Book About Challenging and Changing Destructive Religious Beliefs.  She has done interviews on numerous radio stations. The best way to determine topics you might be interested in as a radio talk show host or producer might be to look over the materials in Topics Addressed and Table of Contents.  

Many of the topics  fit right in with current events such as the recent upheavals in the Middle East concerning the film about Islam. In coming times moderate Muslims who don’t want to submit to Sharia Law will be faced with the same challenges as those of us who have looked at Christianity objectively and rejected many of the destructive beliefs it contains.  

In the radio interview clip below, Wilson encourages Christians to read the book they say is God’s word and judge the writings on their own merit instead of letting their leaders read it for them and tell them what it means.  The same must be said for those who follow all other religions, especially Judaism and Islam.   To schedule an interview please send an e-mail to or call 417-252-7477. 

 Radio Interview Clip

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