Sue Wilson

Writer, Teacher, Toastmaster, World Traveler, Musician, Artist

Sue Wilson, Author


Sue Wilson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on October 7, 1942, the sixth child in a family of seven.  She left Manitoba when she was fourteen years old to attend a Christian high school in Saskatchewan, where she lived on campus.  During her last year there, a visiting missionary from the States convinced her she needed to share her church’s version of Christianity with the world.

She left Canada at age nineteen to attend a Christian junior college in  Michigan, a school that specialized in missionary training.   It was her first intention to go to Russia as a missionary, but after meeting and marrying a South African ministerial student, she changed her direction and began studying courses to prepare her for life as a missionary in Africa.  She completed her bachelor’s degree at  a Christian university in Texas,  majoring in Education and minoring in English.  Sue and her husband went to South Africa after college to work with a church there.  During that time they had three sons.

Because of religious differences in a congregation that was even more conservative than the churches they had attended in the States, Sue and her husband returned to America  so he could work on a degree in counselling and they could become self-supporting missionaries and teach what they felt people really needed to help them solve their problems.   But because of financial difficulties, her husband had to take a job in sales.   He had little time or interest to pursue the religious issues that had forced them out of the ministry in Africa.

But Sue, at home with three young children, began to study  the Bible even more intently and visit other denominations of Christianity in search of answers to the many questions she had about religion and the obvious differences among the denominations and even individual churches in the same denomination.    When her husband came home for a few days between sales trips, she was anxious to discuss her questions and findings with him.  The more she questioned, the farther the gulf between them became.

In the midst of all the tension Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer, and forced to put negative religious teachings about the afterlife to the test.  At the height of her despair in the hospital, waiting for the test results that would determine whether or not she was going to die and have to face a God she still feared, Sue had her first powerful sixth sense experience, which confirmed her suspicions that what the church taught about connecting to God and staying connected was totally false.  Discovering this “good news” was also the beginning of the end of life as she knew it, for things went from bad to worse as she lost not only part of her body, but also church and husband in the span of a few short months.

She gradually recovered and began to rebuild her life, continuing her studies on problems with religion.  Education from many sources and continued spontaneous sixth sense experiences, ultimately set her free from her fears created by negative family and religious conditioning and inspired her to write To Heaven Through Hell to help others who have struggled with the same problems.

Doing the research and writing  the book took Sue over thirty years.  During that time, she was partner in a music business for seven years, taught world history and geography in public schools for eleven years, and re-married.    Sue Wilson and her husband  retired to Canada but recently moved back to the States where they now live in Missouri.

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